Safety : Safety Commitment

Our Commitment to Safety is second to none as our motto is "SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS".

This strict adherence to safety has ensured that we have an unblemished record in this aspect. Our own safety procedures are augmented/complimented by the client's own safety requirements leading to stringent safety procedures and checks, which we welcome wholeheartedly.

Even though the basic safety procedures are common in all our projects, specific safety systems/procedures are also developed on a job to job basis as per requirement of the client.

To ensure that compliancy does not seep in the system, we have regular and surprise safety "on site" audits and also depute engineers from our OEM's to check the systems of their equipment and suggest changes, if any to ensure that safety is not compromised.

Site Surveys

Our site surveys are a crucial part of the customer process, allowing us to identify customer needs by establishing the type of equipment/s best suited for the job and more importantly - ensuring we can operate our equipment with complete safety parameters in place.

Safety Certifications

Induction Training : Before actual execution of any critical job a method statement along with risk assessment is made. Thereafter, our crew makes a "dry run" without load and acquaints themselves with the safety measures that they will have to take.


Quality Management System
Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Occupational Health & Safety Management System
Certificate ISO 45001:2018

Environmental Management System
Certificate ISO 14001:2015


Training our workforce : Our customers are assured that every one of our operators are fully trained by us and on request of the client, we provide certification of the same.

Audits : To ensure everyone's training has been undertaken and is up-to-date, we have a training matrix for all staff. To ensure compliance, our training records are independently monitored.


With one of the largest construction equipment fleets in India, it is essential that our apart from our in house maintenance team, we utilize the services of the OEM engineers also. To ensure prompt, good & planned maintenance from the OEM's we have tie-ups/agreements with all our OEM's and this has helped us to have an enviable record of "zero" breakdowns in critical operations/shutdown activities. In addition to the above, all our equipment goes through a rigorous process before it reaches you on site.